About Us

Tom Dorsey, Founder

Tom Dorsey, Founder

An avid fly angler since youth, in the 1960’s Tom was following a career in academia that took him to a series of historic trout waters, from freestone streams in Michigan to the spring creeks of Pennsylvania. He was building bamboo fly rods in Chambersburg, PA in 1969 when, along with his brother-in-law Thomas Maxwell, he threw caution (and academics) to the wind and Thomas & Thomas was born. An opportunity to purchase rodmaking equipment and the largest cache of Tonkin bamboo in North America led Tom to western Massachusetts, where he made his home while the fledgling company grew and flourished. With the heart of an artist but the mind of an engineer, Tom was one of the first to embrace the use of graphite in fly rod construction in the 1970’s. He was also an early adopter of two-handed casting, which led to some of the first graphite spey rods on the American market. Throughout his life, Tom continued to advance the frontiers of fly rod technology and design with the same passion and insight that first put Thomas & Thomas on the map.

Neville Orsmond, CEO

Neville Orsmond, CEO

Neville discovered his passion for fly fishing at an early age, chasing everything from yellowfish to tigerfish on the rivers of his native South Africa. At that time Thomas & Thomas was established as the premier fly rod in the region, and Neville’s enthusiasm for the brand quickly became intertwined with his love of the sport. Fast forward 25 years and a relocation to the USA, and Neville, now a successful entrepreneur, had started a family of his own. In 2014, the opportunity to take the helm at T&T set the stage for the realization of a lifelong dream – to work alongside company founder Tom Dorsey, creating the world’s finest fly rods. With a strong commitment to an American-made and serviced product, Neville aims to bring the tradition of Thomas & Thomas excellence and innovation to a new generation of fly anglers around the globe.


With decades of experience in the fly fishing industry and on the water, our advisors have seen it all. We depend on their advice in matters large and small, and never cease to be amazed at the breadth and depth of their knowledge.

Creative Pros

We are proud to partner with some of the most talented photographers and filmmakers working today. They help us tell the T&T story, and in the process remind us of the beauty that is so much a part of our sport.

Ask A Pro

One of the greatest resources we have here at Thomas & Thomas is our Pro Staff. These are men and women from around the globe who fish our rods day-in and day-out, chasing everything from tiny wild brookies to giant trevally. Together, they have more knowledge and fly fishing savvy than any one angler could hope to gather in a lifetime on the water.

Now you can directly benefit from their years of experience and innovation with Ask a Pro. Whether you have questions about gear and technique or a specific fishery, you can submit it here and we will connect you with a pro who has the answers.