Mike Lum

Years Fishing?


Years Guiding?


Who introduced you to fly fishing?

My Dad bought me my first fly rod and some lessons but I'm pretty much self-taught. I had a few minor mentors as a youngster...

Can you tell us a little about your home waters and the fish you pursue there?

I fish and guide in SW Montana, primarily on the Madison River but have fished extensively and guided some on the Jefferson, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Yellowstone, Ruby and Missouri rivers. Mainly trout with the occasional foray for carp.

What's the height of the season for you? What time of year is your personal favorite?

The height of my guide season is generally from mid-June through mid-Septemeber. I love the salmon fly hatch on the Madison but as far as fishing goes I love April!.

What are your favorite travel destinations? What's on the bucket list?

I've spent lots of time in the FL Keys, the Bahamas and other saltwater destinations. My favorite would probably be the Keys (Tarpon!). Cuba is definitely top of the bucket list!

What you like most about Thomas and Thomas rods? Which rods do you fish?

When I fished T&T years ago I loved the action of the saltwater rods ThecHorizon was a great blend of fishability and power.

What's your current go-to fly?

Picking one is tough. It depends on the season. Tough to go wrong with some type of bead head on a jig hook for the Madison these days but if there's a chance to get one on a dry probably a Chubby of some sort!

Other than fly tackle, what piece of gear do you find indispensable?

Good Gore-Tex rain jacket, maybe Windstopper! My RO Tailwater Skiff!

My favorite thing about guiding is:

My office! Being on the water every day during the most spectacular part of the year isn't something I take for granted.

From the angler’s point of view, what do you see as the main value of going on a guided trip?

I would say learning regional or water-specific rigging and techniques. If you're going to fish a new place grab a guided day early in your trip. The info you get will be invaluable for success during the rest of your trip.

What can new fisherman expect to get out of a guided trip? My favorite thing to teach a client is ...

Fun! I am also a very patient instructor and absolutely love teaching folks how to cast, fish or do either better. You'll always learn something.

What's your ideal lunch when on the water? What do you actually pack?

My ideal lunch most likely differs from my clients. I tend towards homemade salads and healthy snacks. My clients mostly get sandwiches but they can opt for a salad too!

What fly fishing blogs/magazines do you read regularly?

Moldy Chum and the Drake are my go-to's.

When I'm not fishing you'll find me:

Bow Hunting, snowboarding, hanging with my family.