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I have come into a DNA 1409-5 and am very excited. I am wondering if you have any line suggestions? I live in the Pacific Northwest and target steelhead, but also want to go after tiger muskie that live in the lake where I reside.

Tom McCoy answers: Mike, congratulations on coming into one of the all-time great, iconic rods here in the PNW, a true legend. The first line that comes to mind is a 600 grain Rage from Airflo. It would allow you to use floating tips, modest weight sink tips or polyleaders[...]

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I live in upstate NY outside of Rochester and close to Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard. Need a reel for my Horizon HS 909 (9’ 9wt). Want to set up for the Lake Ontario Salmon, Steelhead and Large Browns. Thoughts on Reels? Thanks, Joe

Jako Lucas: Thanks for your question, Joe. There are a ton of competitive reels on the market at the moment and a lot of them are pretty good. My choice of reel is the Nautilus. I have been using them for a long time now and I am very happy[...]

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Robert Kenneth Dickerson writes: I have several T & T bamboo rods which I purchased in the late seventies and early eighties. One is a Paradigm 7ft, 4wt. I have a trip planned for the fall and need to purchase a new floating line.

Troy Jacques from the T&T bamboo department answers: First, let me say thanks for your support for T&T! Your Paradigm 704 is a sweet rod. Personally, I like the Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout series of lines, and for all-round fishing would choose the DT4. If you prefer a weight forward[...]

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I have an old Vector 8.5 foot, 5 weight fly rod, and I was looking for a new all around trout fly line, floating. Would you recommend a line that fits my rod best? Thank You, Ernie

Drew Miller: Hi Ernie, I’ve owned several Vector fly rods and still fish a couple to this day. It was a well designed rod with a fast action and smooth casting. The line I typically match to this rod is the Rio Gold in either the original texture or the new[...]

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Gonzalo Mendez asks: I’m a recent transplant to Portland area. I hear there are amazing winter steelhead in the coastal rivers; Trask, Wilson, Nahelem. Is a Skagit setup a good all around rig for my DNA Switch 1107 and DNA 1307?

Brian Chou: Hi Gonzalo, welcome to Portland! The food is incredible, and there’s plenty of fish year round to be had. You are correct in that the coast can produce some beautiful specimens (both wild and hatchery). That being said, your 1107 paired with 450 grain Airflo Skagit Switch or[...]

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