I live in upstate NY outside of Rochester and close to Sandy Creek and Oak Orchard. Need a reel for my Horizon HS 909 (9’ 9wt). Want to set up for the Lake Ontario Salmon, Steelhead and Large Browns. Thoughts on Reels? Thanks, Joe

Jako Lucas: Thanks for your question, Joe. There are a ton of competitive reels on the market at the moment and a lot of them are pretty good. My choice of reel is the Nautilus. I have been using them for a long time now and I am very happy with them. The reels are light, strong and the drag is really smooth. They also look great, which is a bonus. But I have to say the most important part for me is the drag. I have used mine all over the world, from Seychelles to Russia and they have always come out on top. You can go for either the CCF-X2 or the NV, in size 8/9. They both have super smooth drags, but I think the CCF-X2 is a bit lighter. There are some other lower end reels, with a lower price tag, but I am sure that you would like to put a quality American made reel on a quality American made rod.

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