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What’s your favorite fly line to backing knot for saltwater fish?

My favorite fly line to backing knot is the bimini twist with a loop to loop connection. If using for heavier fish I would use a double bimini twist, especially when using a thin braided backing such as gel spun.

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How important is it to quickly present the fly to saltwater fish?

Capt. Joel Dickey: It is very important to get a presentation to a saltwater fish as quickly as possible. Saltwater fish in most circumstances are on the move so the quicker the better. Minimizing false casts is key.

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What’s the most important cast for clients wanting to learn how to fish saltwater?

Capt. Joel Dickey: The most important cast would be the double haul. This cast allows you to create greater line speed which is needed in most situations in the salt. Most days on the salt have a 10-15 knot wind blowing and the extra lines speed is extremely important to[...]

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