I have come into a DNA 1409-5 and am very excited. I am wondering if you have any line suggestions? I live in the Pacific Northwest and target steelhead, but also want to go after tiger muskie that live in the lake where I reside.

Tom McCoy answers: Mike, congratulations on coming into one of the all-time great, iconic rods here in the PNW, a true legend. The first line that comes to mind is a 600 grain Rage from Airflo. It would allow you to use floating tips, modest weight sink tips or polyleaders as conditions dictate, and it is conducive to both sustained anchor and touch & go casts. If you want to test drive a Rage, or a number of other lines for that matter, give Poppy at the Red Shed Fly Shop a call and he’ll send one to you to try with no obligation to purchase. And, it just so happens that this exact model is one of his all-time favorite rods! Best, Tom McCoy

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