Gonzalo Mendez asks: I’m a recent transplant to Portland area. I hear there are amazing winter steelhead in the coastal rivers; Trask, Wilson, Nahelem. Is a Skagit setup a good all around rig for my DNA Switch 1107 and DNA 1307?

Brian Chou: Hi Gonzalo, welcome to Portland! The food is incredible, and there’s plenty of fish year round to be had. You are correct in that the coast can produce some beautiful specimens (both wild and hatchery). That being said, your 1107 paired with 450 grain Airflo Skagit Switch or a Nextcast Coastal F1 should allow you to cover most of the smaller rivers that you’ll encounter. I would also suggest that you bring along that 1307 for covering the bigger rivers on the coast. The 1307 paired with a Nextcast Zone F1 520 grain is my go-to stick for subsurface presentations, both coastal and inland. Hope this helps Gonzalo!

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