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Luc Bergeron asks: I plan to purchase a DNA 13’6″ 8wt to fish Atlantic salmon on the Grand Cascapedia river in Québec. I would like to know if it’s the right size for this river and which line and reel I should match with it.

Jonathan Huff replies: We have been fishing the Grand for over 15 years, and I think the DNA 13’6″ 8 weight is a great rod for the river. I have used it up there many times. Different size rods will also work, depending on flows and location on the river.[...]

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Jacques wants to know: Can you please recommend rods for me – 9wt for flats, 10wt for milkfish and 12wt for GTs and Sailfish? What’s the difference between the Solar and Exocett? Cheers!

Jako Lucas responds: Hi there Jacques! Thanks for reaching out, it sounds like you have some exciting trips coming up. With regards to the weights of the rods and the species you are targeting, you are spot on. I have fished extensively with both the Solar and Exocett. There is[...]

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Ty Martin asks: What is your suggested rod for Euro Nymphing? Do you have a 3wt?

Joe Goodspeed responds: Dear Ty – Glad to hear from you! Our new Contact series rods are designed to achieve precise European style nymphing presentations, with quick dampening rod tips that improve visual strike detection and responsive blanks which allow the angler to feel strikes. The 10’8’’ 3wt model (2.9oz / 81[...]

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Bill Gallogly asks: I own a 15′ 10wt, 5 piece T&T. I have been casting a Rio Intouch Longhead Spey 9/10 765 gr. Is there a better line to turn over a heavy tip (t-14) and big intruder with dumbbell eyes?

Barrett Ames responds: Bill, any of the standard skagit lines that are offered by all the big companies will make it easier to cast the tip/fly setup you describe. With that said, on a 15 ft rod you are going to want more length than most skagit lines today that[...]

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I own a T&T 1307. Could you give me suggestions as to line weight for the Nextcast Zone, the Airflow Rage and any other new line on the market you really like. I swing flies for Steelhead on the Klickitat, Grande Ronde, Deschutes and the Clearwater.

Hi Gary!  I love questions like this as it speaks to the topic of “what’s good, will always be good”. It’s also nice to see that you are approaching this with the open mindset of finding a line to bring out another personality of your fabled 1307. For this rod,[...]

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