Jacques wants to know: Can you please recommend rods for me – 9wt for flats, 10wt for milkfish and 12wt for GTs and Sailfish? What’s the difference between the Solar and Exocett? Cheers!

Jako Lucas responds: Hi there Jacques! Thanks for reaching out, it sounds like you have some exciting trips coming up. With regards to the weights of the rods and the species you are targeting, you are spot on. I have fished extensively with both the Solar and Exocett. There is quite a bit of a difference in the rods, but they are each unique in their own way and I like them both. The first thing I look for in a saltwater rod is power. As you know most of the fish your are after are not out there to make friends, so once you have hooked one you will have to break his spirit before he gets away from you. The other two things you are looking for is action and weight. So many of the rods available these days are super fast, and although they can cast a long way, they can’t present a fly short. In my experience I prefer a shorter and more accurate cast then an 80 foot cast. The Solar has a pretty fast action, but not super fast, just right for intermediate-length casts. It has a lot of power, I have even landed Yellowfin Tuna up to 140 lbs on it. While it is not the lightest rod in the market, there are still many people that love the Solar. However, as technology moves forward we needed a rod that not only keeps up with the latest and greatest, but can set a new benchmark for others. With the Exocett we have a rod that not only myself but most of the Saltwater experts in the industry have been wanting for a long time. The Exocett combines new composites with a steeper taper which allows it to be both faster and lighter then the Solar, but with incredible power in the reinforced butt section. The beauty of the design is that the tip has a bit of flex so that you can drop the fly short and accurate, but as distance increases and the load moves down the blank, you have the ability to cast the entire fly line. Finally, I have to say it is always worth casting the different rods if you have a chance. Everyone is different and we all have different casting styles. A great rod for me might not be the best rod for you, but I can say that I have been really happy with all my T&T rods! If there is anything I can help with please feel free to let me know.

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