Luc Bergeron asks: I plan to purchase a DNA 13’6″ 8wt to fish Atlantic salmon on the Grand Cascapedia river in Québec. I would like to know if it’s the right size for this river and which line and reel I should match with it.

Jonathan Huff replies: We have been fishing the Grand for over 15 years, and I think the DNA 13’6″ 8 weight is a great rod for the river. I have used it up there many times. Different size rods will also work, depending on flows and location on the river. Up high or in low water you can get away with a DNA 11’6′ 7wt or 13′ 7wt, and in higher water or lower on the river we use the 13’6″ 8wt, and sometimes even a DNA 14′ 9 wt.  As for reels on the market today there are many great choices. The new Abel sealed drag is a very nice reel in a 11/12 model for that rod. Nautilus NV or CCF-X will do the trick as always, and Hatch in a 9 Plus is also a very good pick. If you are looking for more of a classic reel I can steer you in the right direction for that as well. For lines I would recommend a Scandi line with different tips in case the water goes up or down while you are there. If you are interested in trying a mid-spey line, I designed the Wulff Super Spey for them and thats what I like to use on the Grand. I’d be happy to work with you to get you set up for your trip, please call me anytime at Streams of Dreams Fly Shop, 201-934-1138.

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