Spring arrives in New Zealand

Casey Cravens, Lower South Island, NZ As I write, anglers are making last minute contingency plans, scouring maps, weather forecasts and river flows for their first trips of the season—all with the glee of a kid on Christmas Eve. Barring heavy downpours Sunday night, most waters are at excellent levels,[...]

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The Perfect Session

Martin James, Lancashire, England For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed watching trout take an imitation or the real thing off the surface of a clear flowing river. As the fish takes the fly and turns downward you often see the rainbow coloured spots on its body then[...]

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Mahseer, monks and blessed rods

Hans van Klinken, Gelderland, Netherlands When I was offered the opportunity to fish for the mighty Golden Mahseer in a very remote part of northeastern India, I jumped at the chance. I knew this special trip was going to be exploratory and a somewhat experimental excursion. I anticipated that I[...]

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