Rich Strolis Fly Tying Tutorial - Shucked Up Emerger

Shucked Up Emerger

Many diehard trout anglers yearn for the warmer, longer days of spring and summer, and the sight of mayflies blanketing the water, with trout feeding recklessly as these tiny sailboat-like morsels drift downstream. There are many winging options out there for dry flies. CDC is one of the most sought after materials for its extremely light nature and high floatability, but it can often become problematic to dry after it gets riddled with fish slime. Snowshoe emerger patterns have been around for decades, and are still a popular choice, as the rabbit fur makes a very durable winging material that is quickly dried after each fish. However, they are often overdressed, which makes for a clunkier presentation.  I never leave home without a sound selection of Shucked Up Emergers, as this is a pattern I fish most of my season. Whenever I encounter hatching mayflies, it not only gets the job done on picky fish, but it is very durable. A simple color change in thread, dubbing and wing can cover a majority of your mayfly emergencies. 


Hook: #20-10 Ahrex FW525 Superdry, Partridge Klinkhamer X-treme, Daiichi 1167

Thread: Color to match 70 denier Ultra Thread, Veevus 8/0 

Shuck: Rusty Orangutan Ice Fur and brown Ostrich herl

Wing: Snowshoe rabbit foot

Legs: Brahma hen

Thorax: Color to match Superfine or rabbit dubbing


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