Rich Strolis Fly Tying Tutorial

Alter Ego

No streamer selection would be complete without a swim-style fly in the mix.  Whether you are targeting trout, smallmouth bass or even larger predators like pike or musky, swim flies are designs that are typically neutrally buoyant and react to the angler's imparted actions with the fly line. The Alter Ego utilizes an oversized deer-hair head and flared collar to help facilitate the erratic actions that this fly will take with any style of retrieve. These movements are reminiscent of what a predator may encounter with a baitfish that is injured. Erratic actions often entice strikes, and this fly hits on that theme perfectly. The only limitations the tier will encounter in concocting versions of this pattern are the length of the feathers and hair that you can get your hands on. The complexity of the colors in this pattern is also entirely up to the tier, and you can make some really interesting layers of color and depth by combining different colors of feathers in the design. 

If you are looking to tie some of these in larger varieties, take the time to hand select the correct feathers for the tail. Ideally, you want a feather that utilizes the thicker part of the feather stem at the tie in point, which will add some rigidity to the tail and help prevent fouling. Also, in my experience two hooks on predator flies is often overkill, and is likely to result in angler injury when unhooking one of these beasts from the fly. There is nothing worse than an angry pike flopping around while you are trying to unhook them only to bury that second hook in your hand. In those cases I substitute a shank for one of the hooks, typically the rear.  


Thread:  Veevus 140 power thread

Rear Hook:  Ahrex TP 610 size 1,2 or 4

Tail:  Whiting American Rooster Saddles

Flash: Micro Lateral scale or Krinkle flash in applicable colors.

Body: EP sparkle brush or MFC flash brush

Wing:  Arctic fox tail reverse tied in the round. 

Bead:  3D Pro bead and 19 strand beadalon

Front Hook: Ahrex TP 610 size 1/0,1 or 2

Rear Collar:  Marabou palmered

Body: EP sparkle brush or MFC flash brush

Flash:  Micro Lateral scale or Krinkle flash in applicable colors.

Wing: Arctic Fox tail reverse tied in the round

Collar:  Premo Deer hair flaired 180 degrees

Head:  Premo deer hair spun and trimmed oval shape with 100d gel spun thread.

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