Paradigm Review: Thomas Barrand Takes The Paradigm 9' 4wt to New Zealand

First, I have to say that I am a big believer in all of the Thomas & Thomas rods. So when the new Paradigm was released, I thought "This could be something really special, I need a good plan to give this rod a true test!" I had an upcoming trip to New Zealand, where I knew I would need to make delicate presentations of dry flies and tiny nymphs, and it would be the perfect place to put a rod like this through its paces. I like to push my gear to the limit, so I chose the Paradigm 9' 4wt to tackle the big trout I was hunting for.
I had high hopes for the Paradigm, and I was not disappointed. It's hard to describe how accurate this rod is. In terms of presenting the fly, it is truly on another level beyond anything I have experienced before. The smoothness of the cast translates into a delivery that puts the fly exactly where I want it to be, cast after cast, even in some very tough situations.
Thomas Barrand with a beautiful New Zealand brown trout.
Then let's talk about fighting the fish. Even with a light line-weight like this, it handles the largest fish with no problem. Again, it's the smoothness of the rod that can so easily absorb the give-and-take of a serious fight, all while protecting light tippets and preventing a tiny hook from pulling.
As I said, I love all the T&T rods - but I think I've found a new favorite in the Paradigm!
Featured Below Paradigm 9' 5wt

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