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The holiday season is upon us! At Thomas & Thomas, we are hopeful, excited, and ready for the days ahead sharing a deep-rooted passion with friends, family, and the next generation of anglers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to give or asking our special dealer in the North Pole for a present this year, we are confident that we can deliver on your needs. 

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Flats Fishing Enthusiast
Streamers and Toothy Critters 
Dry or Die 
Big Water 
Tailwaters and Freestone Rivers 
Fine Bamboo 
Staff Picks 

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The Flats Fishing Enthusiast
Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Redfish

Exocett ($925) - Developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding species and destinations, T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of our proprietary StratoTherm Resin.

Capt. Dale Perez: We use the Exocett 11-weight for tarpon, Exocett 10-weight for permit and either a 8 or 9-weight Exocett for bonefish, redfish, and snook depending on the wind.

Capt. Al Keller: I prefer to use the Exocett 10-weight for fly fishing for tarpon in the Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades area as well as for redfish in Louisiana.

Zone ($499) - The Zone series pushes the envelope in both performance and price, bringing the latest R&D from Thomas & Thomas to more fly anglers than ever before.

Mike Wallace: This rod is a game-changer for coastal flats fishing. It's sensitive enough for short casts & gentle presentations to spooky redfish on low-wind days, and powerful enough to reach fish dead upwind when the breeze is up. In addition, it has the backbone to allow you to put serious heat on the fish. In 5 years I've gone through five 8-weights in search of the right one for my casting stroke; the search is over, and I'm a huge fan of the Zone.

Streamers & Toothy Critters
Brown Trout, Pike, Musky, Striped Bass, Albacore

Exocett SS ($895) - The highly versatile Exocett SS rods are designed to counter the inherent challenges of casting sinking lines or ultra-compact floating lines.

Camille Egdorf: I gravitate to the Exocett SS 250 most for fishing in Alaska. It works great for a variety of species including rainbow trout, dollies, grayling and the several species of pacific salmon that return to Bristol Bay every year.

Richard Strolis: Many rods that were previously marketed for fishing streamers were either extremely fast action rods with very little thought put into fighting fish once hooked- merely rods so stiff that their primary focus was delivering larger flies and heavier lines to the fish without the “feel” per se.  The SS has everything and makes the angler's life easier.

Exocett Predator ($895) - Muskies and other predators are often looking for a meal that pushes the limits of what a fly angler can feasibly cast, and targeting these fish with flies often takes many hours or days of casting between opportunities. The Exocett Predator rod is specifically designed to meet these demands. Increased length of 9' 4" facilitates longer overhead casts and keeps the fly deeper on the retrieve.

Dan and Tom Harrison: The reason we gravitate toward the Exocett Predator 450 is because it has the backbone to cast giant flies and hook big hard mouthed pike when they eat!

Dry or Die (Dry Fly Fishing)
Trout and Grayling

Paradigm ($875) - Ask a group of experienced anglers to name the greatest dry fly rod of all time, and the T&T Paradigm is sure to be mentioned more than once. Over twenty years later, we’ve followed the same inspiration that made the original into a legend to create a new Paradigm for the 21st century.

Ian Davis: I have been fishing the new Paradigm six weight in Montana this past month. Typically, I prefer a longer 9.5-foot rod for our expansive Western Rivers, but this 9-foot rod behaves well when I command it to do specific chores, such as a long roll cast or big downstream mend on a windy day. I also like how it comes back to rest on long, powerful casts. I have no idea how T&T pulled that off, but it is comforting.

Michael Millard: This rod (a 9' 4wt) is simply just right for my casting stroke. It lets me put a dry fly pretty much wherever I'd like anywhere from thirty to sixty-five feet. There were no adjustments required to have it work this way. It was like picking up a fine side by side which had been fitted to me perfectly; it simply goes wherever I point it with no apparent effort or attention.

Lotic Fiberglass Rod ($595) - By combining the latest glass fibers with a highly progressive flex profile, the light-weight Lotic provides a crisp, medium action with the deep loading distinct to fiberglass. The result is a high-performance glass rod that generates surprising line speed and power while maintaining a silky-smooth delivery perfect for presenting a dry fly.

Ryan Davis: I've been fishing the 5wt and the 3wt for a while now, and they've entirely replaced my desire for graphite. I love that I can still cast nearly the entire fly line with the 5wt rod, and there is nothing better than the 3wt on a small stream or dry fly action. These have become my go-to rods. Extremely high quality and perfect feel. I've even caught a ton of silver salmon on the 5wt...its a blast. I'd go glass every time after fishing these rods for months.

Step-and-Swing (Spey Fishing)
Trout, Steelhead, Salmon

DNA Spey ($1,095) - The DNA Spey series continues the evolution of T&T’s highly regarded stable of two-handed rods. These are for the angler seeking rods that can do it all — Skagit, Scandi, Spey, and overhead — with ease.

Dave McCoy: Personally using both the 8120 and 7130 for our rivers here in the Seattle area with Scout, Rage and Scandi heads. In hand these rods might feel a bit fast but they honestly have amazing versatility. Depending on your stroke, unlike other rods on the market, they can accommodate a broader spectrum of grain weights and still perform well.

Barrett Ames: Let me start by saying I’m a steelhead guide and on the T&T pro team member. With that said, I have a couple hundred days with this rod. In fact, this rod (and it’s designer) is the reason I wanted to join the T&T team... it’s that good! There’s not much this rod can’t do. Smooth and powerful, light in hand, and the perfect weight/length to be a do-it-all steelhead rod.

DNA Trout Spey ($975) - Cover trout water like never before with the new DNA TroutSpey, a series defined by the ability to make long casts with ease and mend line far beyond the capabilities of single-handed rods.

Mark Lance: I have fallen hard for two-hand rods and spey style delivery to trout. Perhaps this obsession is just an extension of a decades long addiction to chasing steelhead with two-handers or perhaps just the desire for another tool in the quest for trout. Either case, the T&T DNA Trout Spey rods really help me cover big western water.

DNA Short Spey ($975) - T&T’s new Short Spey are a pair of 11’ 2” rods designed to match up with a variety of popular compact fly lines and shooting heads. These are lightweight, two-hand rods with a quick recovery and an action that generates high line speeds while providing the sensitivity to immediately detect subtle strikes.

Ross Kessler: I went 3/5 on bright chrome fish to 10+ pounds. The 11' 6 weight DNA switch was a perfect match for these bruisers. We were fishing near the river mouth so these fish were hot! Right out of the lake. The last fish, easily 10 pounds, took me down three runs and showed me a ton of backing. The switch rod had the power to slow this large specimen but was forgiving enough not to snap off the leader.

DNA Switch ($895) - We've worked hard to develop rods that really do enable you to ‘Switch’ between any conceivable type of cast with a single rod. The versatility of these rods cannot be overstated — every style of casting from single handed, single handed spey, two handed overhead, traditional spey and sustained anchor styles can be accommodated by the unique actions of the DNA Switch.

Big Water (Bluewater and Surf Fishing)
Tuna, Billfish, Snapper, and Sharks

Bluewater ($975) - The offshore environment provides the ultimate challenge for a fly rod. Delivery of the fly must be fast and accurate, yet the rod must also be capable of applying unrelenting pressure against the world’s largest gamefish. Our Bluewater series utilizes a unique combination of resin and fibers along with a special curing process to produce a two-piece rod of unparalleled strength and lifting capability.

Exocett Surf ($975) - Fishing in the surf presents some unique opportunities and challenges for the fly angler. Wind and waves make it difficult to handle lines and achieve maximum casting distance. That’s why T&T has built a pair of rods to make it more effective and enjoyable to fly fish in the surf. Exocett Surf rods are a pair of specialized 11’2” rods intended to cast overhead with two hands.

Tailwaters and Freestone Rivers

Avantt ($855) - T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm Resin has such incredible strength and vibration dampening characteristics that it forced us to approach freshwater fly rod design in a new way. The result is the remarkably light and responsive Avantt Series. With ultra-low swing weight and lightning-fast recovery, these rods come alive in the hand.

Mike Lum: For me, it’s tough to beat the 9’ 5wt Avantt for its do-everything versatility. Many times throughout the season we’re starting the day throwing streamers and big nymphs with some weight and indicators. We might then transition to some smaller nymphs, a dry/dropper rig, or even (on the best days) a single dry. The Avantt has the goods to pull all of that off seamlessly. Plenty of power and guts in the butt to launch an articulated bunny fur or lob a bobber rig yet enough give in the tip for easy and accurate loading on even short single dry shots. If you want (or need) to limit yourself to one great rod or even if you’re looking to fill a quiver, the Avantt series is an outstanding choice.

Robert McFarland: The 8'6" 4 weight Avantt has been my go to all around fly rod for the last three months. It's a great looking rod and the craftsmanship is excellent. I bought this rod to use on medium to large rivers in Virginia when the fishing conditions are unpredictable. From dry flies to small streamers this rod will get it done.

Contact II Technical Nymph Rods ($825) - After nearly three years of design and development, T&T is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated Contact II series. Contact II rods are a fully redesigned second generation of T&T’s Contact rod series.

Lance Wilt: The science behind the rods coming from Thomas and Thomas is unrivaled.  You can feel the ‘nervous’ energy and excitement.  The Contact rods are part of my everyday trout arsenal in both PA and Patagonia.

Alec Gerbec: Many of our fisheries in the northern part of the state are pretty well pressured, meaning light tippet and little flies are pretty common when fishing for trout. The ten-foot three-weight Contact allows for great tippet protection as well as sensitivity for feeling light takes. I enjoy this length as well, as it is still enjoyable if I need to switch over to a dry. It has quick recovery for a long rod.

Zone ($499) - The Zone series pushes the envelope in both performance and price, bringing the latest R&D from Thomas & Thomas to more fly anglers than ever before.

Ethan Martin: Love this rod for our Eastern small streams! I've used it all over VA and fallen hard for what it offers. Excellent rod for dry/dropper setups and bow and arrow casting into tight cover. The rod has enough power to make precise 30-40’ casting, which is rarely necessary in our small streams, but is nice to have for some brookie streams that are a little larger. EXCELLENT rod at this price point.

Fine Bamboo
Handcrafted by Thomas & Thomas’s Troy Jacques

50th Anniversary Edition ($6,500) - A special, limited edition designed and handmade by our master rod builder, Troy Jacques, it pays homage both to his mentors and to T&T history. Troy has gathered some of the favorite design elements of Tom Dorsey, Tom Maxwell and Tom Moran and blended these influences into a rod of unsurpassed beauty and functionality.

WhistlePig Special Edition ($5,500) - We have developed a truly unique bamboo rod with WhistlePig Rye Whiskey in Vermont. The bamboo is ‘toasted ‘ over a Rye whiskey barrel giving it unique character and the reel seat is crafted from the white oak barrel staves.


Sextant ($3,995) - The Sextant series rewrites a page from the history of fly fishing when adventurous anglers were exploring new frontiers with bamboo rods. Designed for today's saltwater lines, Sextant rods continue the T&T heritage of blending tradition and innovation, with the capacity to make long casts and bring large fish to hand.

Noah Rosenthal: What a rod! I was absolutely floored at how this rod performed in challenging conditions. It certainly isn't something to keep in the closet as some treasure of craftsmanship (which this rod certainly is), but instead is a rod that needs to be fished. Wind, heavy flies and big fish - this rod got it done and was absurdly fun to cast. It may look like an heirloom, but this thing is a workhorse for the salt.

Individualist ($3,995) - Our Individualist Bamboo Fly Rods are designed with a complex taper that turns from a delicate tip top to the distinctive T&T swelled butt. All rods come with an extra tip, and matched tips are cut from the same culm. Built from the finest individually selected Tonkin cane, the flamed bamboo is complemented by translucent and cinnamon edging guide wraps, along with medium brown ferrule wraps.


Classic Series ($2,995) - Classic Series Bamboo rods are built around finely tuned tapers resulting in extremely smooth, medium actions. The impregnated finish creates a rod that is incredibly durable while still pleasing on the eye. These rods are built to be fished and find favor among anglers that seek the joys of bamboo but have no intention of giving their fly rods the 'white glove' treatment.


Staff Picks
From the Thomas & Thomas Team

Name: Joe Goodspeed
Rod/Gear Recommendation: 
Contact II 10' 9" 3-weight “My favorite all-purpose euro style nymph rod!"
Sun Hoody "Perfect for staying cool in the summer"

Name: Brian Gilbert
Rod/Gear Recommendation: 
Avantt 9’ 5-weight “It's a workhorse"
Grey Sun Hoody "Casual and comfortable, great sun protection that blends with the river banks; a good layer for cooler weather"

Name: John Wolstenholme
Rod Recommendation: 
Zone 9' 10-weight "An all-round 10-weight that will handle sinking and floating line with ease."

Name: Nikos Marmaras
Rod/Gear Recommendation:
Contact II Nymph Rod 10’9” 3-weight
Avantt 9’ 5-weight "All-round trout rod"
Sun Hoody "Extra layer for winter with hood, lighter weight for summer."

Name: John Carpenter
Rod Recommendation:
DNA 1307 "Go-to versatile rod" 

Name: Katrina Lymon
Fish bus T-shirt
Blue Casting Man Hat

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