The Zone Takes The Best of Show Saltwater Fly Rod Award at IFTD 2018

The new Zone series has been a long time in the making. After the success of our Avantt and Exocett series, we felt the timing was finally right to start developing a rod series that would be more accessible to a wider audience of anglers. At the end of the day we want as many people to enjoy the sport of fly fishing as possible and our goal is to give them the best tool to do so.  

It took two years to create something that was truly unique regarding the technical aspects as well as creating something with a look that embodies the T&T spirit. The Zone features a blue fiber reel seat which is rolled right here in Greenfield, MA, an unsanded natural blank, and an action that’s all it’s own. Available in 3wt-10wt these new rods are not only a pleasure to cast but what’s really impressive is how they fish.

This is what earned the Zone the Best of Show Saltwater Fly Rod award down in Orlando at IFTD 2018. T&T Dealer, Streams of Dreams fly shop in Upper Saddles River, NJ was among the first group of anglers to receive Zone rods. They’ve been putting them to work on the Upper East Branch of the Delaware River slamming trout like it’s no one’s business. Head south to the Florida Keys and you’ll find T&T Advisor Joel Dicky prying tarpon from the depths with the 10wt Zone.

SoD Fly Shop @streamsofdreamsflyshop Steve Rann @steve_rann  Captain Joel Dickey @captjoeldickey   Alec Gerbec @alecgerbec

We asked T&T owner Neville Orsmond what his thoughts on the new Zone series are and how bringing home the W will effect T&T as a whole.

“The new Zone series has been a quantum leap for T&T in refining our manufacturing processes to produce a rod that embellishes the performance and quality we strive for at T&T, at a price point that makes it accessible to more flyfisherman. It’s an exciting milestone for the company and the response has been fantastic. Winning Best of Show this year is a great achievement for the whole team at T&T and is the culmination of over 2 years of work on getting the Zone range perfected.” 

The Best of Show award is displayed in our rod showroom which is the first walkthrough room for all employees.  It’s important that everyone here at our production facility feels a sense of pride and acknowledgment for their contributions that helped the Zone win this award. The Zone will be available to consumers October 1st. Click here for more information about the Zone and to find an official T&T dealer near you.

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