Marcelo Pérez and Rodrigo Salles of Untamed Angling Join Thomas & Thomas!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Marcelo Pérez and Rodrigo Salles to our ambassador team. Accomplished jungle anglers from South America, Marcelo and Rodrigo are the duo behind Untamed Angling — a company on the forefront of jungle fly fishing in the Amazon.

Marcelo Pérez hails from Argentina and is the founder and CEO of Untamed Angling. His vision for what jungle fly fishing could be led to the formation of three dorado fly fishing lodges in Bolivia at Tsimane Lodges and three distinctly different lodges in Brazil — Pirarucú, Rio Marié, and Kendjam. For Marcelo, the new relationship carries deep meaning, as T&T rods were used during the exploratory days, years ago in the jungle. And now, the rods are even better. For Marcelo, “The Exocet SS is great for our jungle environments: super resistant as well as light, perfect for throwing big flies and heavy lines without stressing you at all.”

Marcelo fishing the Exocett SS.

A partner and Brazilian operations CEO at Untamed Angling, Rodrigo Salles is an obsessed jungle angler who thrives on exploration and spends much of the year traveling from destination to destination to uncover the riches of these jungle waters. A native of Brazil, he has proudly been a major force behind the remarkable angling opportunities found in his home country. For Rodrigo, one of the greatest aspects of their operations is the diverse number of species anglers can pursue, including dorado, wolfish, arapaima, peacock bass, bicuda, payara, pacu, and more. And there is no doubt that Rodrigo takes his gear very seriously when preparing to battle such jungle heavyweights. For this reason, he is excited about the partnership with Thomas & Thomas:

Rodrigo Salles of Untamed Angling with an Payara otherwise known as the Vampire fish..

“It’s great to be part of Thomas & Thomas ambassador team,” says Rodrigo. “We have been testing just about every rod in the industry for years and years in the jungle rivers of the Amazon against some of the toughest fish in the world. When we met Neville, we saw there was something special happening with the rebirth of the legendary Thomas and Thomas brand. We are thrilled to put these fantastic new rods into the most demanding jungle fly fishing situations. We’ve been using the whole series of the Exocett SS rods, and we’re impressed with how strong these rods are up against the hardest fighting fish in the Amazon.” 

Learn more about Marcelo Pérez and Rodrigo Salles by visiting their ambassador profiles here.

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