Rich Strolis Fly Tying Tutorial: Simple Baitfish

Simple Baitfish

Lefty’s Deceiver is probably one of the most well known baitfish imitations next to the clouser minnow. A rather simple design of just bucktail and feathers has fooled fish for decades  and any angler would be hard pressed to come across any saltwater guide who doesn’t have a couple Deceivers in their fly box. Like the Deceiver, the Simple Baitfish is another that I would deem an homage pattern. The design steps are similar with some new age materials as substitutes. This pattern is quick and easy and can be adjusted by hook style for fresh and saltwater environments. Also, you can easily adjust the size of bait you are trying to imitate by the length of the feathers you utilize in the tail of the pattern. Minor adjustments in hook style and size, feather length and material color and you can imitate a very wide scope of baitfish. And as you can see in the photo below, you can add depth and complexity to the design through color blending, marker or stacking different colored feathers together. 


Hook:  Ahrex SA280 Blue Water or TP610, Gamakatsu SC15 or B10s

Thread:  Veevus 140, Danville 140 or UTC 140

Tail:  Lateras Magnum Dub & Rooster

Body:  UV polar chenille

Wing: Magnum Dub

Eye:  Oval Super Pearl



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