New Horizons in Fly Rod Design

Thomas & Thomas is pleased to announce that the three new rod series introduced this summer at the IFTD-iCAST show in Orlando are now available for purchase online and in fly shops world-wide. These include the Avantt series of fast action freshwater rods, the Exocett series high performance saltwater rods, and the Contact series of specialty nymph rods. The reception these rods received in Orlando had all of us at T&T really excited, and since then the response from customers, guides and fly shops has been unprecedented. The Exocett has already proved itself in demanding conditions around the world, including destinations in Siberia, Mongolia, the Seychelles and Central America. The Avantt series are the lightest, highest performance trout rods T&T has ever produced, while the Contact series is quickly collecting kudos in technical fisheries throughout North America and Europe.

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T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm Resin has such incredible strength and vibration dampening characteristics that it forced us to approach fly rod design in a new way. The result is the remarkably light and responsive Avantt Series. With ultra-low swing weight and lightning-fast recovery, these rods come alive in the hand. At close range, the Avantt rods provide precise command of the fly with a delicate touch. Longer casts reveal surprising power and line speed with tight loops and excellent line control.

Priced at $825, the Avantt series is comprised of seven models: 8’ 6” rods in line weights 3 and 4; 9 foot rods in weights 5 through 7; and 10 foot rods in weights 4 and 5. All rods feature anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, blue wraps with white accents, and grips of select Flor-grade cork.

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Developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding species and destinations, T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are also infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of our proprietary StratoTherm Resin. These light-weight rods are defined by a powerful, fast-dampening action that lifts line off the water with ease, and a thin-diameter top section that slices through the wind for quick and accurate casts. Once hooked-up, Exocett rods support anglers with immense strength and reserve power to battle and land the baddest fish on the planet, from giant trevally to tarpon.

Priced from $895 to $925, the Exocett is available in seven models, all 9 feet in length and line weights 6 through 12. All rods feature anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, blue wraps with white accents, and full wells grips of select Flor-grade cork.



To feel what’s happening below the surface is a breathtaking sensation. T&T’s new Contact series nymph rods transfer every vibration from fly to fingertips. The use of T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm resin results in extremely light-weight and responsive rods that maintain superb durability and strength. Flexible but quick-dampening rod tips nearly eliminate shock waves in the leader after each cast, allowing flies to track smoothly into the water, improving strike detection on immediate reaction bites. All Contact rods feature a strategic taper that generates positive hook-setting tension with minimal rod sweep, permitting anglers to effectively fish an increased range of rod positions and angles and cover more water with less wading.

Priced at $795, the Contact series is comprised of three models: 10’ 8” 3wt, 10’ 8” 4wt, and 11’ 3” 3wt. All rods feature up-locking, black anodized aluminum reel seat and burled black ash spacer, with down-locking available by request. Small fighting butt and western grip of select Flor-grade cork, with subtle olive wraps.

The Avannt, Exocett and Contact series rods are available in fly shops and online at For more information about these series and our other products, please visit our website at and click on New Releases, email or call us at (413) 475-3840.

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