Passing Down Passion | Mother's Day Reflections

By T&T Advisor Camille Egdorf-McCormick |
Fly fishing has always been something I've selfishly loved for myself. It's an avenue to escape troubles, see the world, meet new people, and obviously, pursue and catch some extraordinary fish.
For a long time, my life revolved around fly fishing, and while the idea of having kids was always drifting around in the back of my mind, it was just a "someday" answer whenever a client or friend asked me if/when I wanted kids. Well, that "someday" has become today, and my entire outlook on the one thing that has molded most of my life has shifted. Now, I look at fly fishing through a new set of lenses - those of my boys, Deke and Dax.
From the very beginning, I've always dreamt of sharing my passion for fly fishing with my kids. It's done so much good for me in my life that it's something I want my boys to grow up knowing and loving. Becoming a mom has been a beautiful challenge as it's required me to be home most of the time, and my "me" time has become significantly less. I miss the travel, adventure, and carefree lifestyle I once had with fly fishing, but I've realized that it's no longer just "my" thing. It's something I can do for my boys, with my boys.
When we're out fishing, all I can think about is how excited Deke will be when he sees a rise or when he gets to be the net man or catch a fish of his own. Watching Deke's excitement brought me back to my childhood, where all I wanted to do was go fishing. It's like living my childhood all over again. Having kids has made me realize that you've been given the privilege to live and relive your life through their eyes, and that's one of the most beautiful things a parent can be gifted. And the coolest part is it'll only get better from here. Dax is only six months old, and I cannot wait to see him walk the same path that Deke has taken so far.

If he's anything like his brother and mom, I'll have two fish-obsessed boys, and I'd be completely ok with it.

This mom is ready!

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