CONFLUENTUS: The Merging of ALL Things

When Gilbert Rowley of Capture Adventure Media approached T&T regarding an upcoming project he was working on involving bull trout we were all ears. He told us of his passion for seeking out authentic experiences that many are simply complacent reading about. We won't spoil the film for you, but his plan was to chase bull trout using some rather "unorthodox" fly fishing methods. With our passion for innovation and designing rods for specific angling situations, this type of project was right up our ally. He mentioned the flies his crew would be tossing to these big predatory fish and all we could do was grin. We knew instantly what they'd need and the gears began turning. In the trailer below watch Gilbert and his crew come face to face with some beefy bull trout caught on the 10' 6wt Avantt.

“Confluentus” (Trailer) - Official Selection, IF4™ 2018 from IF4™ on Vimeo.

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