Brandon Prince Joins T&T as a Manufacturer's Sales Representative

It's with great excitement that we announce, seasoned industry player Brandon Prince of Last Chance, Idaho has joined the company as a Manufacturer’s Sales Representative. After launching Prince Outdoors seven years ago, Prince—a fishing guide, instructor, and teacher with more than 30 years of experience—has built his business to represent eleven companies across the Northern Rockies region, encompassing Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. His portfolio includes fly fishing staples such as Hatch Outdoors, Trouthunter, Fulling Mill USA, Adipose Boats, East Cape Skiffs, Rep Your Water, and other reputable brands.

Brandon Prince T&T rep hooks into a trout.“After all these years, Prince Outdoors is running strong and adding T&T to my binder is a feather in the cap,” says Prince. “When it comes to opportunity for T&T in the Northern Rockies, the door is wide open.” T&T owner Neville Orsmond agrees: “Brandon is a passionate individual with tremendous drive and an abundance of fishing experience. As an individual, we know he represents all the values we value as a company. His timing is perfect for our sales strategy as we build on the success of recent rod launches, like the Avantt and Excocett. We look forward to some exciting product developments in 2018 and Brandon will be ready to introduce these to the market of the Northern Rockies.” John Wolstenholme, T&T’s Vice President of Business Development, worked with Prince for years through fly manufacturer Fulling Mill USA. He said, “T&T is delighted to be working with Brandon, whose experience, work ethic and professionalism will be a huge asset in growing our brand in this key territory. He has been instrumental to the success of a number of key brands and will similarly contribute to our company.”

“I fished T&T for the first time on a Louisiana redfish trip,” said Prince. “The accuracy and power of the Excocett in the 8-, 9- and 10-weights were astounding. Neville took on a big challenge when he bought the company and in just a few years has gained so much traction. He’s really committed. T&T’s rebuilding a powerhouse and I’m stoked to be along for the ride.”

As you can see this new working relationship has everyone excited for what lies ahead as we head full force into 2018. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for updates involving Brandon and the rest of the T&T staff. 

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