T&T Advisor Rebekka Redd

Thomas & Thomas is excited to welcome Rebekka Redd to our advisory staff. Hailing from northern Ontario, Canada, Rebekka is an accomplished global fly angler, photographer, published writer, speaker and conservationist.


Along with her work in fly fishing television, she has garnered a worldwide following through her photography and writing. Her work is published both locally and worldwide, and has been featured on over 15 front covers of Canadian Outdoors and fly fishing magazines. Rebekka travels around the globe filming, fly fishing, and hosting trips with a strong focus on inspiring others and education. Visual storytelling is the core of her photography, writing, and work. From local streams to remote jungle waterways, Rebekka has been there with both fly rod and camera, and she loves to share the knowledge and experience she gains along the way.


Rebekka commented: “I could not be more pleased in my decision to join Thomas and Thomas fly rods. After talking with Neville about the company and joining the team, it was clear to me this company has a clear vision and is moving forward into the future, keeping quality and customer satisfaction as top priorities. I chose to be part of the team not just because of their extremely well crafted, all American made fly rods, but the foundation on which they stand upon – good people. I enjoy working with a great team that communicates with positivity and Thomas and Thomas is that and so much more. I’m so excited to be on this team and play a role in the creation of a new generation of rods that I know work well. It is great knowing my feed back and direction will go into the rod design. As a traveling fly angler it’s super important to me to work with a great team and a great company and Thomas and Thomas is both.”

Learn more about Rebekka Redd by visiting her T&T profile page: Advisors/Rebekka Redd

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