Rods for Streams

T&T builds small stream rods to deliver precise, delicate presentations at close range... more

Rods for Rivers

T&T builds crisper rods for lazer-like accuracy without ever sacrificing the ability to cushion the connection between light tippets and large fish... more

Rods for the Salt

T&T builds rods with the power to deliver the fly, set the hook and fight the fish – ruthless, uncompromising rods... more

Rods for Two Hands

T&T design rods for energy efficiency enabling you to cover big water in search of big fish – the fish of a thousand casts... more

Rods with Heart & Soul - Bamboo & Glass

Our finest bamboo fly rods are designed with a complex taper that turns from a delicate tip top to the distinctive T&T swelled butt... more

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